1. Dr. Scholl was absolutely fabulous with our 2 year old son. He recently had dental surgery which required 12 of his teeth to be treated. Dr. Scholl was very professional,kind and warm in her consultation with us. We were very worried about our son being in pain after the surgery but he was eating,talking, and laughing that night and the next day did not appear to have even the smallest discomfort. It is very obvious that Dr. Scholl is an ace at her job,we cannot thank her enough. - Kim

  2. I really enjoy the relaxing environment and the fact that the dentist takes the time to think of ways to help my children in their dental care. They are treated as a person not just a number. - Jessica

  3. You have systems set up to help a very upset 3 year old boy on his first visit to the dentist. By having Ipads at his level with apps he loves it took away a ton of anxiety for him. You know how to deal with scared little kids. He ended up having a great visit! - Amanda

  4. My kids love Dr. Emily! She has such a nice way of making them feel comfortable. They get excited when I tell them we're going to the dentist. - Sara

  5. The staff were very pleasant and the location was inviting. My daughter felt comfortable with the dentist, and that was my concern that she would not allow any work to be done. She was great though! – Amanda D.

  6. local, good service and loved that she had a plan for ADHD kids, and really appreciated the extra time Mike took on explaining the insurance and working to our benefit by checking out our policy and scheduling appts around our deductible, very helpful in a time like this! - Stephanie

  7. What's not to like?! I was just amazed by the quality of care and ease with which Michelle and Dr. Scholl communicated with both my children. - Karen

  8. I love the fact that they make the kids feel right at home! I have been looking for a dentist like this for a while. There are very few dentists that have I pads in the waiting room and Tv in the chair!! They are very friendly and make it very relaxing for the children. If only I had this type of dentistry as a child. I probably wouldn’t have to have sedation every time I got to the dentist!! Awesome job guys!!! - Joanna

  9. Good location, friendly staff, solid website, crisp, functional inviting office. From the moment we walked in we felt welcome and comfortable. It was the very first dental visit for my six-year-old, and thanks to all of you his experience was completely positive. He has been reminding ME that he needs to floss every day! He's very excited about brushing, and jazzed about wiggling his single loose tooth (discovered by Dr. Scholl - who is now his new hero), in hopes it comes out very soon. - Marsha

  10. You made my daughter feel so comfortable! She was afraid of going to the dentist prior to us finding you and now she would go every day! Her brushing at home has even improved!!! – Kate

  11. Warm, friendly atmosphere, very welcoming for my daughter, top of the line technology and set-up. – Anne

  12. I loved how it was very kid friendly. My son had a great experience and told everyone about it. – Marcia

  13. The entire staff: keep doing what you do! You all are fabulous! – Betheny

  14. I couldn't be happier with our decision to take (our child) to Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry. she has been playing "dentist" with her dolls since she got home from her visit. Clearly, her first visit was a success! – Mary

  15. After leaving I asked my kids what they thought of the dentist, and my daughter said she didn't want to leave! Thanks for making it an enjoyable visit! – Madelyn

  16. I was really nervous for my kids, partly because I don't remember having a great experience when I was a kid, and partly because I hadn't made it a priority to bring them to a dentist yet, but these experiences for (our children) were amazing! Everyone was SO nice and friendly; the kids just felt right at home (even the toddler!), and felt relaxed because I could FEEL that they were in great hands with Michelle and Dr. Scholl! – Karen

  17. So pleased with all dealings with your office from making the appointment to walking out the door. You are awesome and what is even better, our girls LOVE brushing their teeth and CAN NOT WAIT to go back to the dentist! - Judy

  18. My son who is autistic and usually gives any medical professional a hard time flew through the appointment with ease and even after we left asked to go back to the dentist again. – Michelle

  19. Our daughter now makes sure we help her brush her teeth and floss every night and knows she can brush herself in the morning. Thank you for providing an AMAZING 1st dental experience for her. – Jon

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