Laser Assisted Dentistry

At Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry, we pride ourselves on finding new ways to help our patients and in delighting parents by providing an experience for their child that is second to none. Some of our solutions are high-tech and some involve the old fashioned practice of building a relationship of trust and confidence. We also work hard to provide the most comfortable, pleasant dental experience possible.

That is why Dr. Scholl has implemented the use of a dental laser in our office. For years doctors have used lasers to provide better care for patients, including LASIK vision correction, removing skin blemishes, and in all kinds of surgery. Now, at Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry, your child can benefit from advanced laser technology with Waterlase Dentistry™ for both hard and soft tissue procedures.

Through a combination of water and laser energy (HydroPhotonics™), Waterlase has revolutionized dentistry with more accuracy and precision, all with your child’s comfort in mind. The Waterlase Dental Laser replaces the need for a traditional dental drill. We can save time and drastically reduce the need for shots related to your child's dental treatment. We can often complete your child's necessary treatment in fewer visits. Many procedures, including most cavity preparations, do not require shots. Emily Scholl, D.M.D. has established the Maine Center for Laser Assisted Dentistry to take full advantage of the benefits of this exciting new technology.

All of the above makes the dental laser a perfect fit for our office. It is a technologically advanced, safe and effective tool that helps us provide a comfortable and even fun dental experience for your child. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

For a better understanding, please watch the brief video below!

Laser dentistry is sometimes referred to as "no-shot dentistry". We find that a very high percentage of our patients do not need a shot when treated with the laser. That means no needle! At the same time, your child's individual needs and treatment plan will dictate the method of treatment. Our greatest concern is doing what is best for each and every patient. We will explain your child's options and answer any questions you have prior to their treatment.

Ask us for more information about how Waterlase Dentistry at your child’s next visit.